for museums

We consult on, conceive and produce individual storytelling* solutions for your culture story.
Potential narrative formats include exhibitions, apps, interactive installations, publications, videos, or special graphic-design solutions. Our clients are museums, municipalities, tourism institutions, and others.

Positioning and museological concept: What culture story is to be told here, and why and for whom?
Accompanying experts or curators in the development of a curatorial concept.
Narrative strategy: defining a narrative thread and narrative formats—what is told where and how? Writing a script.

Creation of telling spaces, scenographies: from design to architectural detail planning, and to technical and artistic supervision of the executions.
Graphic design: concept and implementation.

Digital media: art direction for apps, audio files, films, projections …

Thanks to a dependable and experienced network, we are ready to bring passion to every new creation and can offer a broad range of services.
We offer a range of integrated services; you can book the full range or parts of it, depending on what you need.

*“Storytelling” is a method of communication to convey information, knowledge, values and opinions. It involves packaging non-emotional contents in stories to evoke emotions and interest through the story. Important elements of stories and storytelling are plot, characters, and narrative perspective.