The toikois:

Coming from big cities, Paris and Rome, we love being out and about, attentive and mindful, taking in deep breaths of inspirational fresh air from all over the world.
We are wearing special kaleidoscope glasses that give us a view inspired by years of experience in brand design and international architecture offices.
We love trying out new things. Thanks to a dependable and experienced network, we are ready to bring passion to every new creation and can offer a broad range of services.
We are well-structured, quick, and flexible.

About us

Isabelle Blanc is …

  • a Parisian who lives and works in Vienna.
  • Management School in Reims, France, and Business Administration in Graz, Austria.
  • Master program /ecm Exhibition Theory and Practice, University of Applied Art Vienna, 2012.
  • until 2011, leading management positions in Strategic Marketing and Category Management/Consumer Shopping Intelligence for international retail corporations (e.g. Danone, Iglo): from mission statement and brand positioning to commercial and advertisement development and shelf space planning.
  • Loves small-talking about dancing, traveling in a VW Transporter, reading, her constant search for objects marked by time.

Chiara Riccardi is …

  • an Italian who lives and works in Vienna.
  • Studies of architecture at Sapienza University of Rome, Italy, and Escuela Técnica Superior de Arquitectura (ETS), Granada, Spain.
  • Master program /ecm Exhibition Theory and Practice, University of Applied Art Vienna, 2012.
  • until 2011, architect working for international architecture offices (e.g. RPBW Architects, Studio Podrecca). Project-leading architect for housing, interior and exhibition design.
  • Loves small-talking about cooking, yoga, seaside, her search for the ultimate piece of furniture.

One more common passion :

Über uns

Our approach:

We are able to provide inspiring and successful storytelling solutions, which
… consider both your company mission and the sensations of visitors.
… are clear and involving, no matter how complex their cultural content.
… are relevant. Stories told, mostly from the past, raise topical issues.
… are original and always informed—aside from the inevitable tongue-in-cheekiness—by a relatable poetic take on the matter.
… pay attention to every little detail as a chance for communication.